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What features should this interface enable?

Friday, April 26, 2019 - 10:00am
  • I'd like to see a field where the project leads/admin could point to--perhaps this would be an artifact--project outputs/deliverables. While all of the project data would theoretically be discoverable by clicking through to each of the groups associated with the project, having a PECE publication (PECE essay, photo essay, etc.) on this very front facing page would be nice. 
  • A way of seeing all of the members of a project. While you can click through to someone's bio to see a description of their work (if they've filled out a bio), I'd like to be able to see someone's role within a particular project, especially given that people have multiple roles in multiple projects on a single platform and their bios don't usually account for this.  Perhaps this is a field the Admin needs to complete when they're adding someone to the group.
  • While I can see how nested/hierarchied projects would easily become a mess, I'd like to see when there's a relationship between projects. This might just be something we encourage project admins to write in their description (e.g. "Six Cities India is an extension of the larger Six Cities Air Pollution Governance Project")
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