Roberts-Mahoney, Heather, Alexander J. Means, and Mark J. Garrison. 2016. “Netflixing Human Capital Development: Personalized Learning Technology and the Corporatization of K-12 Education.” Journal of Education Policy 31 (4): 405–20.

AO: This 2016 article by Heather Roberts-Mahoney, Alexander Means and Mark Garrison conducts a content analysis of US Department of Education reports, personalized learning advocacy white papers, and published research monographs in order to detail how big data and adaptive learning...Read more

Fejerskov, Adam Moe. 2017. “The New Technopolitics of Development and the Global South as a Laboratory of Technological Experimentation.” Science, Technology, & Human Values 42 (5): 947–68.

Abstract: " Science and technology have been integral issues of development cooperation for more than sixty years. Contrary to early efforts’ transfer of established technologies from the West to developing countries, contemporary technology aspirations increasingly articulate and practice the...Read more
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