Oduor, Erick, Peninah Waweru, Jonathan Lenchner, and Carman Neustaedter. 2018. “Practices and Technology Needs of a Network of Farmers in Tharaka Nithi, Kenya.” In Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 39:1–39:11. C

Angela Okune: This 2018 paper, written by a research team from IBM Research headquartered in Nairobi sets out to understand how and why rural farmers in Kenya use technology in their routine farming activities. They find that "even though a considerable number of our participants were not...Read more

2018 Technology Salon SF: "How Can Silicon Valley Improve Online Learning in Emerging Economies?"

Angela Okune: This call for participants (received via email on May 29, 2018) to a half-day discussion in San Francisco as part of a regularly occuring "Technology Salon" centers on the question of how Silicon Valley can improve online learning in "emerging economies." The framing of the event...Read more

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