Macharia, Keguro. 2016. “On Being Area-Studied: A Litany of Complaint.” GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies 22 (2): 183–90.

AO: In this piece, Keguro Macharia writes about how/why he refuses the notion of an "area studies" model that centers the US as the place to which information flows. He writes about resigning from an academic institution in the US and moving back to Nairobi and thinks through what it might mean...Read more

Blog post on the "researcher effect" (2012)

AO: This blog post that I wrote based on participation at the annual ICTD conference in Atlanta in 2012 gives some insight into my early interest into the implications of having certain groups feeling "over-researched" and my preference towards a more anthropological approach to understanding...Read more

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