George Sefa Dei

Dei, George J. Sefa, and Alireza Asgharzadeh. 2001. “The Power of Social Theory: The Anti-Colonial Discursive Framework.” The Journal of Educational Thought (JET) / Revue de La Pensée Éducative 35 (3): 297–323.

Angela Okune: This 2001 article by George Sefa Dei and Alireza Asgharzadeh introduces an "anti-colonial discourse" as a guiding framework for partnerships among anti-oppression activists in the academy and beyond it.Read more

Dei, George J. Sefa. 1999. Anti-Racism Education: Theory and Practice. Halifac: Fernwood.

Abstract: " Dei argues that analyzing the intersections of race, class, gender and sexual oppression is essential if we are to fully address educational equity, social justice and change. He examines how we can value our differences while equitably sharing power, and discusses ways to counter the...Read more
Dei, George J. Sefa. 2000. “Rethinking the Role of Indigenous Knowledges in the Academy.” International Journal of Inclusive Education 4 (2): 111–32.

Angela Okune: This 2000 article by George Sefa Dei invites discussion about the definition and operationalization of "indigenous knowledge" and how it is used/taken up in the Western academy.Read more

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