Wane, Njoki Nathani. 2008. “Mapping the Field of Indigenous Knowledges in Anti‐colonial Discourse: A Transformative Journey in Education.” Race Ethnicity and Education 11 (2): 183–97.

Angela Okune: In this 2008 paper, Njoki Nathani Wane examines anti-colonial discourses as articulated by scholars in the 1960s and (re)taken up in the 21st century.Read more

Dei, George J. Sefa, and Alireza Asgharzadeh. 2001. “The Power of Social Theory: The Anti-Colonial Discursive Framework.” The Journal of Educational Thought (JET) / Revue de La Pensée Éducative 35 (3): 297–323.

Angela Okune: This 2001 article by George Sefa Dei and Alireza Asgharzadeh introduces an "anti-colonial discourse" as a guiding framework for partnerships among anti-oppression activists in the academy and beyond it.Read more

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