Querying Collaboration in Political Practice/Praxis

Essay Metanarrative

This section looks at collaborative formations that are part of the political practice and implementation of research findings/insights. This section is part of a broader essay querying collaborative formations.

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AO: This 2015 book chapter by anthropologist Emma Cervone is part of existing conversations in engaged anthropology and indigenous studies on the implications of practicing a form of anthropology that has opted for politically engaged methodologies in the production of anthropological knowledge...Read more

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Kim Fortun and Todd Cherkasky explicate how they are thinking about "counter-expertise" as "a way of taking responsibility for expert knowledge and status, while questioning the conventional role experts play in framing political choices" (1998, 141).Read more

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In this article, Kim Fortun and Todd Cherkasky think through the politics of difference and collaboration by engaging real world manifestations of Gregory Bateson's concept of the"double-bind".Read more

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In this article, Kim Fortun discusses her affiliation with the Bhopal Group for Information and Action and her experiences as an advocate for the Bhopal Gas Affected Working Women's Union. She uses this discussion to develop a theory of advocacy "as a way to expertise, which complicates...Read more

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In this article, Mike Fortun discusses discusses the complicated double-binds that impacted his "response-ability" while working in and on the Institute for Science and Interdisciplinary Studies (ISIS).Read more