PhD Orals Document: Querying Analyses of Collaboration

Submitted by:

Angela Okune

Graduate Student

Department of Anthropology

University of California, Irvine

October 2, 2018

To her committee members:

Dr. Kim Fortun (Chair)

Dr. Kris Peterson

Dr. George Marcus

Dr. Angela Jenks

Dr. Cecelia Lynch

Submitted by:

James Adams

Graduate Student

Department of Anthropology

University of California, Irvine

November 2018

To his committee members:

Dr. Kim Fortun (Chair)


Table of Contents: Collaboration

Meta-Essay: Okune, Angela and James Adams. 2018. "PhD Orals Document: Querying Analyses of Collaboration." PhD Orals Document. UC Irvine Anthropology. October. Sub-essays on Research Design Okune, Angela and Adams...Read more

Essay Metanarrative

PECE: Analytics, Structure, Discursive Risks & Motivations for Use

AO: These orals documents seek to understand the discursive risks (Fortun 2012) of relevant literatures for my project. How have scholars been thinking and writing about science and technology in Africa, collaboration, and investments into the African university? What is a structured analytic and...Read more

Angela's Project + "Collaboration"

This orals essay focuses on including a wide range of disciplines thinking about collaboration across different periods of the research life cycle. James and I decided to focus on collaboration within the research life cycle (rather than just collaboration more broadly) because for both of our...Read more

Angela Okune: Brief Research Description

“Research for Africa”: Qualitative Data Sharing Cultures and Practices This doctoral research project examines how qualitative research data is produced, shared, and contested by diverse research groups in Nairobi, Kenya. Despite decades of research aiming to solve Africa’s problems and billions of...Read more

Angela Okune: Brief Bio

Angela Okune ( Twitter | Web ) is a doctoral student in the Anthropology Department at the University of California, Irvine. She studies data sharing cultures and infrastructures of qualitative research groups working in and on Kenya in order to explore broader questions of equity, knowledge...Read more

PhD Orals at UCI Anthro

When a student begins a graduate program, s/he is not yet a candidate for a graduate degree. According to the UC Irvine Graduate Division website , t o become a candidate for a graduate degree, a student must complete certain academic requirements to achieve the milestone of becoming a candidate...Read more

Full Bibliography: Collaboration

Aellah, G., T. Chantler, and P. W. Geissler, eds. 2016. Global Health Research in an Unequal World: Ethics Case Studies from Africa . Wallingford: CABI. . Appleton, Nayantara, Dominique Behague, Adia Benton, Betsy Brada, Thomas Cousins, Des Fitzgerald,...Read more


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