The Coding Paradigm

Limits of Coding

Thinking about our long-intended but never undertaken critique of the coding paradigm (and by extension "grounded theory") that underlies the dominant qualitative data analysis platforms, this came across my twitter feed: more

12-4-2018 Notes from "Intro to Qual Coding"

Best Practices: ... [more listed in slide] Keep a codebook Memo as You Code (software helps you to keep codebook and memo as you code). AO: IS THIS THE QUAL VERSION OF A NATURAL SCIENTIST’S LAB BOOK? TO find out – how many have published their codebook and the various memos?? Would this help with “...Read more

the mysterious individual

quite interesting, even if -- or because -- somewhat predictable.  One thing that I continue to find interesting and a real weak point is the way that coding is, um, coded as "individual"...Read more