Angela Okune PhD Dissertation project

Start and End Date



This project looks at data sharing and archiving practices and infrastructures (or lack thereof) that various research groups conducting research in/on Nairobi have set up. Through this focus, I will gain insight into how diverse intellectual fields are thinking about their futures and what kinds of knowledges and engagements they seek to have with the world. How do they seek to archive, manage, enliven and share their intellectual contributions?

Studying the data cultures and data practices comparatively across diverse sites will enable me to get not only at sociotechnical questions regarding the technical systems, but also at broader questions of knowledge production, equity, and social justice within and beyond the academy. How do various academic disciplines interface with their collaborators (technically, materially, socially)? Does this differ from engagements by non-academic partners working on data sharing? How do heavily studied groups perceive and engage with these various data sharing processes?